Williamsburg, Lights, Cats, etc

We went to Williamsburg for the grand illumination. It was rather exciting, I’ve never seen a fireworks show that was so well choreographed. It’s like they got Gandalf all involved, quite fancy!

In other news, this weekend has been exhausting. This is because so much stuff has gotten unpacked that’s needed to get unpacked. And then I put up a teeny tree and added lights, it’s quite festive. And then I made magical apple chocolate muffins, which were quite delicious. And then we got a new bag of cat treats, which was much less indestructible then the last bag of cat treats. The last bag’s been in full view of the cats for quite awhile, they never messed with it. With the new bag, I left it on the kitchen counter, and later find it sprawled in the middle of the kitchen floor, gnawed into with pieces spilling out. Quite strange! Perhaps they are tastier then the last treats. So I put it in a ziplock bag. Sure enough, the next day they drug it out and the plastic bag had a few teeth marks in it (though no tears). Really weird, they don’t even do this with their food or anything. Kinda makes me want to taste it, to see if these treats are really super delicious and I’m missing out on something.

Speaking of which, don’t believe for a second that salmon cat treats are more then just a dribble of salmon. The second ingredient is chicken on this pack! The salmon is more like item seven! Madness. Kinda like that time I got pina colada juice. Turns out the main ingredient was apple. And after reading that and taking another swig, it totally did taste like apple! Lies, all lies! Speaking of which, I wonder if spiced rum would work in pina coladas. For I have spiced rum, I have pina colada mix, and I even have a can of pineapple for bonus nutrients. Hmm, this must be experimented with!

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