Caroling And Other Misc. Goings On

So we went a wassailing last night. There were seven of us total (eight if you include Lily the dog dog), which is actually the best turnout yet. Too bad the turnout for the houses wasn’t too good. I suspect our strategy of caroling on the Saturday before Christmas may have been a poor one, as not too many people were actually home. Albeit, we did go to one house where there was a rather large amount of humans there for a party, that might be where all the neighbors were. We ended up visiting a Ronald McDonald house and sang to a couple kids, so that was exciting. In any case, next year for caroling purposes, I might be more inclined to tack myself onto a preexisting group rather then another attempt at organizing a caroling group.

After that was the Starbucks visit. I keep having fewer and fewer reasons to go to a Starbucks. See, I’m not a coffee drinker, as coffee is disgusting, but I do like hot and frothy beverages, so their pumpkin spice latte (minus anything resembling coffee in it) has generally proven quite tasty. Then, a few months ago, I got it in my head to try making my own, via heating up some milk and whisking it around, then adding pumpkin spice coffee creamer. It’s really quite good. So I got the pumpkin spice latte last night, and it just wasn’t as good as what I made at home. It was a bit watery, and I wanted to dump more creamer in it. I opened up the container, and it looked kinda weird as well, an yellow-orange color. I suspect that it was dyed that color, in the same vein as some pies that you buy at stores, because of that ‘people think pumpkin products are supposed to be orange because pumpkins are orange’ marketing technique. Mind you, it still tasted good, and it’s not like I get it more then once a year anyhow.

Other things happening…hmm. I’m playing with expandable textboxes. These are new realms of javascript I’ve never explored before! I’m also getting close to being done on a ‘make your own ascii stereogram’ dealio. The problem is that I keep getting lost in the logic of it all.

Saw ‘Burn After Reading’ the other day. I totally wanna be Chad (Brad Pitt’s character) when I grow up. Also, started watching Kimagure Orange Road, which is very cute so far. I’ve gotten into the exciting world of online Civ IV, which, while frustratingly full of 15 year old, will teach me to be much better then I am at maintaining my military. Drew and other people he plays games with have a serious advantage over me in some areas, in that my background in military-type gaming is playing Risk once every 3-4 years when I was a kid.  So in Civ I’m all like ‘la la la, I’m building cities and being religious and exploring the world and OH CRAP 10 SWORDSMEN’ and then I lose my city that’s got one spearman defending it. I’m working on that, though.

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