A Recap of Latest Events

I’ll rewind back to several days ago and start from there. Last Tuesday, Drew and I had a DC adventure. We went to the American History Museum, and spend most of the time in the war and politics section, as it is massive and full of all sorts of stuff to read and look at. We got dinner in Chinatown, which was a bit disappointing. $6 for fried wontons stuffed with only a few pieces of beef is no good at all! We hit Pentagon City Mall so I could go to the ever important Lindt store. In the future, I’ll just have to go to Charlottesville for my chocolate needs. I am a big fan of Mozart chocolates, and the Pentagon mall lindt store only sells them individually, at a price that is comparable to For The Love of Chocolate in Carytown (i.e. too much). The Charlottesville Lindt store, on the other hand, sells them in bags, at a slightly more reasonable cost. Mmm marzipan-tastic. Anyhow, that was an exciting day.

Christmas was Christmasey. I got a bunch of stuff, including many books to keep my eyes occupied, and many chocolates to keep my stomach occupied. Also, my computer is now maxed out on RAM, which is always a good thing. Based on some of my presents, I think people want me to make them baked goods.

Now here’s a rather weird occurrence: apparently someone at inrich.com decided that they like my food blog, as my most recent posts are listed in the link feed on their lifestyles page. An exciting development, indeed.

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