Petit Fours are glorious things

We’re still swimming in chocolate here. Aside from one bad day where I couldn’t stop sucking down the sugar, it’s been alright. I need to get my bike fixed so I can actually ride it on warmer days. I need to do something to fix the fact that several of my bras no longer fit. D’oh!

Been reading a bit lately. Drew has a few of the ‘Great Brain’ book which are totally for 5th graders, but I’m rereading them to flash back to reading them the first time in 5th grade. Strangely, 5th grader books are much better when you’re actually the target age when you read them. I’m also reading a Lois Bujold book. They’re sci-fi, and a whole series (of the sort that’s it’s own segment, so you could read them out of order if you want) about this guy named Miles. Anyhow, I like them as they have interesting characterization and deal with day to day situations along with wacky interplanetary hijinks.

Took the Christmas decorations down. The lights are getting chucked. They all worked when I put them up, but as of yesterday, only 1/4 of them worked. D’oh!

We need to brave a shopping experience soon. We have so much meat and chocolate and not enough of anything else. I need vegetables before my arteries start flipping out!

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