Bad Youtube Video Starring Velutha!

I finally got the video camera working. I think the battery is near dead, I’ll probably need to pick up a new one. So I used the one I can have plugged into the wall instead to test stuff out. Got some wee little tapes for it, as well as a memory card. Circuit City is dead dead dead. As in zero employees to help me, no good at all! Ended up at Best Buy, where I actually got to make use of the employee asking me if I needed help.

Anyhow, I made a video starring one of our cats. She ‘dances’. It’s, uh, pretty bad. But then again, I just turned the camera on today! I need something better then Microsoft Movie Maker, though, it’s rather limited. Anyhow, if you feel like rotting your mind for 1.5 minutes, enjoy!

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