Whereupon I complain about the horrible pain in my abdomen

I really hate cramps.

There are multiple ways of dealing with them. And by ‘multiple’, I mean 3. The first is more of a ‘suck it up and accept the pain’ sort of thing. It doesn’t get me too far. I really hate taking painkillers on a regular basis just on general principle, but sometimes those babies are just necessary. Which brings me to the second way of dealing. This involving downing 2-3 advil every 3-4 hours, and just being a bit dopey and hazy all day. I really hate how painkillers always make me like that. In any case, I usually stick to that method for most months. Occasionally, if the pain is really bad, I’ll kick it up a notch and pull out one of those muscle relaxers from when I got hit by that car a year or so ago. Problem with those things is that eventually the cramps go away, but I’m still dopey and completely out of it. Just not too practical.

And thus comes the last method. It’s called rum. Kills pain, and is quite distracting. So distracting, in fact, that it causes me to write posts about menstrual cramps when it’s quite past my bedtime. D’oh!

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