Books, Games, and Babble

There’s a list floating about of the 1000 novels everyone must read, put forth by The Guardian. I scrolled through the entire thing and counted, I’ve apparently read about 58. Only 942 to go!

So this is fun for about 5 minutes: It’s a text adventure version of Guitar Hero!

I’ve started reading The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, which is good so far. I’ve read two of her other books, and enjoyed them. I’ve been looking for some good historical fiction and she has satiated my need.

I recently finished reading Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy, which has helped me to understand why the heck there are all these straight women that want to go to strip clubs with ladies undressing, amongst other things. The research was more anecdotal and less statistically-based, but the observations the book makes are rather interesting.

Drew and I have been trying to get our Hike on lately, as there’s not much else to do when it’s this cold out. We hit Lake Anna State Park this past weekend, saw some people on horsies and got some free 7th Day Adventist book which was entertaining for about 5 minutes. Sparks and hiking go great together, I should mention. Next time I’m at Kroger, I’ll need to check and see if they’ve sold out of all the caffeinated Sparks by now, if not I might have to add a bit more to the ole stockpile.

Oh yeah, and I made chocolate chip cookies that are purple. Purple is a very appropriate color for cookies!

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