Fishie Picture!

I heart fishes. And sometimes, I realise I should be flexing the ole artistic skills. And thusly, I’ll paint me some fishes.


I’m interested in finding some more art contests of the sort that actually have a theme you have to work with. There’s bunches of regular art contests out there, of the whole ‘submit something that is art and someone will jury it’ type, but I’m not too much of a fan, just too subjective. Guess it’s just the illustrator in me, but I prefer a theme to work with. In any case, I decided to look around the internets for some contests today and ended up being entirely too late for my own good. There was a contest to make poster art about a few different political issues (health care, etc), but alas, the deadline was before the inauguration. Also, I stumbled across a Pabst Blue Ribbon art contest. The deadline is tomorrow night, and that does not give me nearly enough time to slap together a contest-winning piece, especially after having seen the detail put into past year’s winners. There is, however, a poetry category, so if I can figure out a poem that has to do with PBR in the next 24 hours, maybe I’ll go for that one.

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