Misc. Viewings and Updates

Tonight, Carolyn and I started watching Freaks and Geeks. It was good fun, and I am looking forward to watching the next disk. This is the 4th series: we started with Perfect Strangers, then My So-Called Life, then Fraggle Rock. We had to fast forward through godawful amounts of singing on the last one. There’s a reason this stuff is targeted at 6 year olds, though, I suppose.

I got a super sweet mini-tripod, it looks like an alien hand! Photo-taking shall be much simpler and less precarious from here on out.

It was so nice out today. Tomorrow it looks to be around 60 for the high again, and then we (hopefully) get snow the next day. This works for me, as I am quite happy alternating between 60 degree weather and snow.

The other day I was attempting to make soup. The few times I’ve tried (and I mean actually make soup, not just dump out a can), I’ve usually failed miserably. It came out ok this time, but I made the bright decision to spear a piece of turkey and taste it, neglecting to realise that a few seconds of blowing would probably not change the fact that it just came out of scalding water. D’oh! In any case, I’ve got a lovely scab in the middle of my bottom lip now, good times!

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