Javascript Ramblings, Etc.

So I’ve got this textbox that you can expand and contract, because of this the textbox is created by javascript rather then by html. I decided I wanted some BBcode capabilities, so I found a script that was similar to what I needed and made some snazzy images to go with it. It works fine as a separate entity, but does absolutely nothing when added to where I need it to go. Like, you click a little icon and it should place ‘[b][/b]’ into the textbox, but since the textbox is created by javascript, the BBcode javascript can’t figure out what to do. So nothing happens. And now I’ve got to figure out how to combine the two separate scripts, I guess, as I can see no other way around it. I think javascript is a pain, and I’m fairly clueless when it comes to working with classes, so I’ll see how this goes. My normal solution for such things is to google search until I can find a similar instance of my problem to work off of, however in this case I think the problem is so particular that I’d be wasting time trying to google for answers. So instead, I’m posting here wasting time! Actually, it’s at times like this when I most miss having a a technical work environment, as this is the sort of thing where the ideal situation would be to have someone with another brain to lean over my shoulder as I point stuff out. Oh well, it’s a learning experience, in any case.

In other news, I bought a copy of the first Twilight book off someone from Craigslist. I’m super excited to read it. I’ve heard that it’s cheesy and not necessarily what you’d call ‘good’, but I’ve also heard that it’s addictive in a similar way that reading Harry Potter was addictive, so thusly I’m all about giving it a go.

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