Hiking Adventures at Beaverdam Park

Drew and I went hiking today at Beaverdam Park. The weather was supernice, so of course we needed to go wander around outside for awhile. It’s located near the Chesapeake Bay, and the drive there was a bit over an hour. We did the loop trail around the lake in a backwards C kinda shape, which is kind of like a figure 8 bent in the middle, with the trail crisscrossing over itself at random points. The furthest point out is a grassy peninsula that was covered with seagulls, and then simply covered with feathers after we walked out onto it. The view is rather nice, as you’re in the middle of a large lake and it is very blue and shiny. The hike is about 6 miles, and it took us 3 hours to do it, including time for lunch. Depending on your strategic eating location, there will be ducks and seagulls that might appreciate that sandwich more then you do, especially if it is a sandwich made of fish guts. Mine was turkey, however, so I’m not completely sure on that last part. In any case, it’s a really nice park, and I highly recommend it.

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