V-day, Experiments, etc.

So Drew and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I made really weird cheesesteaks and we watched Patton. Oh, and we both got sick, that was the most romantic part of all! Just a minor head cold it seems, enough to be annoying but not enough to get in the way of too many things. I also managed to finish another Miles book. Need to see if the library has the next one too. I’ve got one I actually own that I haven’t read yet, and I discovered too late that it’s actually the middle story in a compilation, so I’ll inevitably have to check out the compilation and just switch books for the middle story. Ah well.

So about 2 months ago, Carolyn acquired some reject wrinkle cream from someone or another, and passed a bottle onto me. Being the experimental type, I decided I would do an experiment. I would only apply it to the left side of my face, and would just use whatever normal lotion on my right side. The bottle was actually two little bottles, one for under-eye, one for upper-eye. The upper eye actually suggested you’d feel a tingling sensation of lifting. First off, I did not feel a tingling sensation. Second off, a tingling sensation likely has nothing to do with ‘lifting’. I had this facial wash for awhile that also had a ‘tingling sensation’, I felt like I was soaking my face in mouthwash, it was horrible. I do not approve of artificial stimulants being added to products to give the illusion of working, it’s no good at all. It’s what makes me hate using some types of mouthwash, and I’m glad that at least Act keeps that kind of thing to a minimum (though, the bubblegum flavor avoids it altogether, which I appreciate).

In any case, I didn’t use the upper eye stuff in the experiment, as the area above my eyes is like a cave and is simply not comfortable to apply lotion to. I used the bottom eye stuff on the bottom eye areas for a month. At the end of the month, I noticed no difference. Thus, snake oil it is!

I used to almost never use lotion, but at some point in the past several years, my skin started getting drier. Or working for OWP and washing my hands 2384792743 times a day caused it (on my hands, at least). Not sure. In any case, when I’ve applied lotion to my face, it’s been sort of an overall sweeping gesture of an application. With this eye lotion stuff, though, I’d need to lean in closer to the mirror to ensure the lotion got applied to all of the strategic eye areas. Because of this, I noticed more pseudo-wrinkles forming then I’d ever had the attention span to notice before. I’m glad to have finally chucked the stuff and returned to plain old moisturizing-type lotion.

In conclusion, wrinkle-removal cream should be called wrinkle awareness cream. I look forward to never using any ever again and to accepting my mortality gracefully.

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