Miles, Mucous, and Mewling

The flow of items from my sinuses out the exit holes has begun to slow. This pleases me. So, in theory, at some point the evacuation will be complete, and I can get back to life as scheduled. My toilet paper rolls have been very stoic through all of this. I, uh, don’t buy tissues. I figure that anything that’s good enough for my butt is good enough for my nose. The thing is, there’s multiple types of ‘disposable soft papery absorbent material’, the notable ones being toilet paper, tissues, napkins, and paper towels. I find that I can easily combine the first two into one and have no problems. I know of various folks who combine the latter two, using paper towels for napkin-related purposes. While I have done this on occasion, I must confess to being a veritable napkin fiend, and have a definite preference for them for all of my mouth-dabbing needs.

Drew and I have been making great use of the Henrico Public Library system as we crush through the Miles books at lightning speed. I just killed off ‘A Civil Campaign today’, and it was delightful. I will be sad when I run out of Miles books, as I want be a mercenary and go to fancy Vor parties and hang out with hermaphrodites at the Orb. I suppose that is the problem with books that are good to escape into. Also, I find that this is the good part of reading certain other sorts of books, such as pretty much anything by Jane Austen. I read them and think they are exciting while reading them, but am otherwise perfectly glad to not be living in 19th Century England as a young lady whose sole purpose in life is to find a good husband.

On a related note to the first part of the preceding paragraph, I can’t believe that is actually available. I’d get it if I could figure out a decent use for it. I love to make a good website and all, but I’d need content first, and the only think I can think of is a resource website, of which there are already a few. Mind you, they look like they haven’t been updated in about 10 years, designwise, but the content seems more or less updated. Anyhow, I’m gonna randomly brainstorm for content and see if I can think of anything creative or interesting, as I could use another site for my portfolio.

My latest hobby, at random, is cat tents. I will come across a cat that has decided to take a nap on a chair or couch. I will then pile the areas around that cat up will pillows, and then drape a blanket over the area to create a tent/cave. It is very cute and sometimes the cat will leave and then come back. Works for both cats as well. You wanna know something crazy? There are some people that prefer kittens to cats. I feel that this is crazy talk. The kitten is the pesky little thing you put up with until it finally blossoms into a lazy huggable cat.

Oh yeah, and I finally figured out (more or less) how to make a passable pad thai! Yay!

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