Online art and travel prospects

I’m finally getting around to getting a bunch of art onto some websites for the purposes of selling prints. See, there’s a big pile of such websites out there, the perfect place for people who want wall art to seek it out. It’s about time I started taking advantage of that outside of the pre-existing art I have up through OWP, which is neither art I am excited by nor art that gets me more then piddly amounts in the way of royalties. I suppose I can’t complain too much, as I apparently made $85 last year in royalties. Which, while by no means a lot, is still more then I’ve managed to make before off of such things. In any case, I have a scanner now. One I’d assumed didn’t work. It was one of two, donated to us by Drew’s dad, who was not sure if either worked. The first one did not, and because of the that, the second sat for a rather long time, due to me more or less assuming that it would be nonfunctional. Well, it works! Yay! All 8 1/2″ x 11″ of it. Which makes scanning anything larger then that a pain. Photoshop is my friend. We’ll see if I can do much of anything with these 18″ x 24″ babies I’ve got sitting around here.

In other news, what should I do for spring break? I don’t *technically* have a spring break, mind you, but I’ve decided to give myself one anyway. See, I’d wanted to drag Drew off to do something fun for that week, as it is his spring break. But then I found out that his is pretty much all gonna be devoted to D&D purposes with Robbie and JD. So I figured I’d just take a chunk of that week and go off on my own. I want to leave the state, and go meandering around and look at interesting things in a cheap way. I might try, and see what sort of fun that could evolve into. I’ve also got people who I’ve never met irl, or people who I’ve met rather infrequently, or people who I haven’t seen in a long time due to distance and/or falling out of touch. So if anyone wants to hang out with me the week of March 7-14 (and maybe even give me a couch to crash on some night!) I’m up for suggestions! I’m up for any suggestions, really, if anyone knows of anything neat going on on this side of the Rockies (which is about as far as I’m willing to travel, I figure).

So, uh, give me ideas!

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