SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the economy.

I am super excited about the snow. It has been years since I’ve seen snow in this glorious of a quantity. The inches keep piling up, and it’s still going strong! I have a recipe for snow pudding that I found which I’m going to attempt, as I’ve never made it before and it would be fun. I’m also gonna drag Drew to a random flat area with me so I can build snow things. I’m thinking somewhere on Monument where there’s the large grassy area in the middle. This way I can make some sort of glorious sculpture that will stare at all the suckers driving to work tomorrow.

In other news, I stimulated the economy today. Everything I got was on sale, but that’s pretty standard these days. — the power is flickering, crap. I hope I finish this before it gets bored and dies — Anyhow, I got hookups from Christine for some sweet sparkly shoes with her 40% discount from Journeys. Also got a few shirts and 4 pairs of underwear from JC Penney. Technically two pairs were free, as they had a “spend $50 get $10 off” deal going on, and I added on the extra two pairs just so I could make $50 worth of stuff. Can’t have too many pairs of underwear, though! I also finally got to spend my Michaels gift card. I love craft stores, there’s so much junk to look at that is neat. I got a set of 8″ round cake pans, which I hope to put to good use soon, as well as some red dye, so I can finish off a few shirts I managed to dye a bad salmon rather then red not too long ago.

When I left the mall, the snow was falling all around me. It was magical and glorious and took forever to get home because I and everyone else around me were barely doing 40 in the 65mph zone. Did I mention that I’m super excited by the snow?

I may have found a solution to the “where to go in a week or so?” dilemma. I’ve never been to Asheville, NC, and was thinking about going there to get some serious hiking in, as I’ve heard it’s a really neat town. I found a really cheap hostel there, I think I can manage $15 a night! Might be taking Christine with me for company, depending on what her job situation’s looking like at that point. Mind you, if the weather in a week is still like it is now, my plans may change to someplace a little further south. Then again, maybe not, hiking in snow could be pretty awesome.

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