Art and Salamis

I don’t think I’d mentioned this here yet, but a few weeks ago I got all excited over a working scanner and scanned a bunch of art, all of this mostly inspired by someone who contacted me regarding acquiring prints for a school library display she was doing on dystopian literature. So I had a few days of hardcore scanning…and rotating and delicately fitting things together, as the scanner is 8.5″ x 11″. But anyhow, if anyone needs art for their walls, I can hook you up (or rather, you’d hook me up by buying art!):

I’ve got some other stuff I need to scan in, but it’s all lodged in a ceramics studio at some mall or another.

I’ve been working on some Salami Day t-shirt ideas, and am remembering the vast bridge of differences between Photoshop and Illustrator. D’oh! Progress is slow but progressing. I’d love to be able to print up a bunch myself (assuring they’d be good quality and a reasonable price), but I think the initial cost is more then I’d be able to handle, and I’m just gonna end up doing cafepress or zazzle or another of such sites (higher price for the final product, but little to no overhead). Maybe once I get an idea of if the random public might be interested in some quality salami-related clothing, I can consider beyond those options.

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