So you know what’s really stupid? Pine Sol. Have you ever read the back of the bottle? It is not recommended for wood floors. In fact, the things it recommends using the stuff for are tiles and ceramic type surfaces and whatnot. Why mention pine in the name when you can’t actually use it on wood? Which, uh, I’ve been doing up until I read the bottle today. This is because I am super bright. I will just console myself with the thought that it’s all just soap in different packaging.

By the way, if you want to waste hours of your life in a most entertaining way, this is the method I currently suggest.

I bought a new domain. Impulse buy, couldn’t help it. (, to be precise). I hate how there’s no centralized and easy to use means of finding hiking trails out there on the web, one that uses google maps and has all sorts of search options. There’s some good resources, but they tend to be more localized and not too searchable (i.e. park websites). Or there’s other resources that look like they’re superuseful but only have like 3 trails total for the state of VA. Anyhow, I’m just gonna make my own.

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