Whereupon I ramble about Asheville, the internet, and all sorts of nonsense

First off, I have found my new time sucking void. It is located at http://www.brokenpicturetelephone.com. I seriously wish I’d had the genius to think this site up. You play “telephone”, except alternating between drawing pictures from a sentence, and writing sentences based on someone else’s picture. It is all sorts of fun.

So Christine and I went to Asheville for several days, and a good time was had by all. Downtown Asheville is essentially one skyscraper surrounded by a bunch of hippie shops. I really needed to discover this place about 13 years ago, back when I was all into hippie stuff. Lots of altered clothing shops as well, ranging from the really innovative and neat to the overpriced and banal. I appreciated the wide range of restaurants, as well as the fact that were three sushi shops on the same street in downtown, all within about 8 minutes walking distance of each other. Mmm sushi. There was a crazy bead store there, whereupon I acquired some UV-receptive beads. Also, chocolate shops. I heart fudge.

We got badgered for money a few times. A few scammers were running around with some holey stories about being a veteran and needing money for staying at a hotel who price had suddenly increased (my fabulous suggestion that he go to a hotel further out, as the prices were cheaper, was quickly rejected for a nonsensical reason). There were also a few pseudo-homeless about. By pseudo-homeless, I mean some young, articulate fashion conscious faux-gutterpunk kids prowling for dollars. I did end up giving some dude my leftovers for his dog, but then again, “dragon pâté” wasn’t quite what it could have been.

We did the Biltmore. Expensive, though the house is interesting. Swimming pool in the basement is all sorts of bonus creepy. The food there is totally not worth it, they’re totally tarnishing the “we are a fancy place to visit” image by offering a turkey and swiss wrap for $8+, only to have the swiss be white american. It was one of the worst wraps I’d ever eaten. The pizza suffered from similar issues, the description told of lavish ingredients, but the reality looked like your standard flat ordinary pizza. Alas.

Then, we attempted to find nightlife. My research had proved to be a bit fruitful, but only so much. We started off at a bar called Getaways, whereupon we played some Wii and I attempted some Guitar Hero until the futility of playing a rhythm game without actually being able to hear the music kicked in. We then ventured forth to Club Hairspray, which was chock full of redneck lesbian karaoke. We sang a Joan Jett song, and enjoyed the ambiance. Also, apparently “getting dressed up for a night on the town” means wearing jeans with heels. My totally rocking party dress was completely unnecessary, dang.

No hiking, alas. It was wet pretty much the entire time we were there. And now, I am back. And really need to jump all the way into this whole “job hunting” thing. And learning me some Joomla. It’s a gradual process.

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