Adventures in Baltimore

I somehow managed to end up in Baltimore today. Went up with Christine, Charlie & Tara to deposit art at an art show (no entry charge!). There shall be a gala and auction on Friday which we will most likely not attend, due to the fact that it is three freaking hours away. Hopefully, someone will bid on my piece and give me boatloads of dollars. If not, then we head back up next Thursday to retrieve the forlorn art. While up there, we saw a show with some medieval illuminated religious texts, as well as originals for a new version of parts of the bible being illuminated by some people at a church in Minnesota. A lot of the medieval illuminations were really nice, makes me want to have texts to draw all over.

We ate at Mekong Delta, which I highly recommend eating at if you’re ever up there. My pork and spring rolls on vermicelli was quite delish, and I even had enough left over for meal #2.

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