Babble about books

First off, this is highly amusing (if you know programming stuffs at least), especially with the alt text:

I was a bit disappointed back when I saw Blade Runner. It’s entirely likely that had I seen it when it came out (rather then about 4 years ago), I’d have had a higher opinion of it, it being cutting edge for it’s time and all. Instead, I was busy being cranky for all of the stuff I found interesting in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” that didn’t make it into the movie. Like the sheep. And Mercerism, for that matter. It was interesting counting all of the quotes from Covenant songs, at least. I still really need to see A Scanner Darkly, and read more Philip K Dick, for that matter.

I’ve also decided that, tempting as they may be, I shall not attempt to reread any Harry Potter books until all of the movies come out. See, I have a really crappy memory for books. This is beneficial when seeing a movie based on a book. If the book were fresh in my memory, I might spend all of my time being cranky at the inconsistencies between the two, and this would greatly decrease my enjoyment of the movie. And this being a Harry Potter movie, I suspect there shall be all sorts of things that get changed in ways a devotee of the books shall get cranky over, given that’s been the tendency for the last few movies. Thus, I shall go to see this upcoming movie (and the movie(s) for the 7th book as well) with my memories of the books fading away slowly, so all I’ll remember is the really major stuff, which is highly unlikely to get screwed up (I shall hope, at least). Then, when all the movies are done, I can reread all the books and think “Wow, the movie really messed this part up! Sure glad I’m reading this book and caught that!” Doesn’t change anything but my enjoyment of the movie, but as I prefer to enjoy as many things as possible to the highest degree that they can be enjoyed, this seems ideal to me.

Read The Tipping Point recently, it gave me Freakonomics flashbacks. Very enjoyable read, as was Freakonomics. What I apparently need to do is go locate the shelf on the library that holds all of those sorts of social sciences sort of books, and go through them. It’s rather fun stuff.

On a non-book related note, I need to figure out things that I have that I wish to exchange for dollars. I shall be doing the black market at Fallout this Thursday, and am very interested in earning as many dollars as possible!

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