Job hunting, Florida, and more Twilight

So I spent a bunch of time finessing my resume, seeking out references, trying to figure out how to write a salary history that doesn’t make my actual salary history look wacky, and writing the perfect cover letter, all for a job that sounded rather ideal. I submit the materials, only to get an email back soon after stating that the position had already been filled. Which was a surprise to me, as the position was still listed under the “Employment” heading of their website. Ah, waste of time. I suppose I at least have a cover letter and resume with more finesse at the point, at least. Am still snouting around for other jobs. I’ve gotten rejected by a few, have heard nothing from others, and have also gotten vague “We’ll contact you if something comes up that fits” messages from recruiting agencies. No matter what, we’re vacating this apartment in two months and heading westward, so something needs to rear it’s head at some point in the near future. If not, I can always get a job driving a van or something, and write lots of PHP in my off time to keep up skills, in the hopes of acquiring employment at a time when not everyone else in the entire freaking universe is also attempting to acquire employment. I have the advantage of being a cheap bastard, so my standard of living never bothered to increase along with my salary. While I’d be a bit sad to need to take a job that isn’t exactly what I want and that pays less, I’m not going to be suffering economically or anything.

In other news, in a few weeks Drew and I are gonna head off to Florida. He’s got multitudes of grandparents there, as well as a friend or two, and I have a penchant for palm trees. We’ll have couches to crash on, and a tent for nights when we don’t. Aside from obligatory stops at Shake and Steak that Drew requires, I figure we can hit grocery stores and fruit stands for food and be cheap that way. Gas prices are rising a bit, but still under $2 a gallon around here, which still seems incredibly cheap compared to the almost $4 a gallon we were seeing not too long ago.

I’m also wanting to bike to Williamsburg sometime soon. Haven’t done a long ride in awhile, and I really need to stretch the ole legs a bit. Also need to consider other closer adventures, like biking to Regency or something.

So I finished reading New Moon. I liked it better then the first Twilight book. Still full of drama by the bucketloads, but less of the *long stare….dramatic thoughts…..glancing away…..dramatic thoughts…* and more of the *dramatic misery….time to do something really stupid that will entertain the reader!….holy cow, wolves!…*. Mostly, it’s just got more action, along with a main character that actually isn’t all dramatic (well, for the first half of the book, at least). They’re working on a New Moon movie, and I really hope it’s better then the freaking Twilight movie, which was aesthetically pleasing, but that’s about it. It’s like the director(s) took all those godawful long pauses in the book literally and stuck every one of them in the movie. Err, to be honest I only got about halfway through the movie because my brain fell out at some point.

Next up, I’m reading either some sci-fi book about bears, or another fantasy Bujold book (“Paladin of Souls”), which I’m really hoping is more enjoyable then “Curse of Chalion”. If only I didn’t compare everything else she writes to the Miles books.

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