Interview Adventures

So Drew and I are back from Florida, it was a wild and wacky ride that I’ll write more about at a time that is not now. What I will briefly write about, however, is the fact that I just had a phone interview for a webmaster position on a US military base in Japan. I really don’t know how I did, I always start off shaky with any sort of interview and suspect that I babble and repeat myself and use less eloquent language then I’d like. I did appreciate, however, that much of the interview was more of the ‘quizzing me on various things I should know in order to perform the tasks the position requires’ rather then ‘what are your 3 greatest strengths and weaknesses’ sorts of questions. We’ll see how it goes. Drew and I are still interested in Denver and such otherwise, but this Japan position seemed a once in a lifetime sort of opportunity, so I had to try for it.

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