Zinc and cramps

So yesterday was supposed to involve going biking around Williamsburg and going to a Greek festival. But then, the ole groin kicked in. I am generally of the idea that I’ll just drug myself when I get cramps and do whatever I was planning on doing, as I hate to just give 1/15 of my life over to pain, but after 6 painkillers was having not nearly as much effect as I’d like, I decided to call it off and lie around achy and dopey all day/evening instead. It was maddening, it felt like Wolverine is attempting to remove my ovaries. Today was better, at least.

I looked around online, and found research that indicates that taking zinc 1-4 days preceding the onset of menstruation will greatly reduce sever cramps. Has anyone else tried this? Zinc has a really bad habit of making me feel nauseous, but it might be worth it to feel nausea for a half an hour for 4 days to avoid severe pain.

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