Internets, Writing, Greek Food, Twitter, and Sparks

So some domains of mine got transferred over to a new server, and the stuff didn’t transfer properly, and then my ip got blocked, and so I couldn’t access many of the fine junks that I (and hopefully others) enjoy accessing on a regular basis. So sad. It’s all back and up and running though, which is good. You see, there’s a deal with whereupon I can get a free copy of the book I wrote through last November. And I haven’t touched the book at all since November. I did go through it with Drew to find typos and stuff that didn’t work, I just haven’t actually bothered to fix it until now. Which I need to do in the next 36 hours or thereabouts, as the free book deal expires on the beginning of June. Maybe it’s anxiety, being perfectly aware of the mediocrity of said book and the enormous effort of rewriting something mediocre into something good. So now I have only enough time to make it a more legible mediocre book, rather then a good book. However, a mediocre book is better then no book, and it does bode well in terms of the fact that, in theory at least, the next book (and hopefully there shall be one at some point) should be a bit less mediocre. In any case, the book lives on one of my websites, and I can finally access said website to edit said book. And I need to make cover art. D’oh! It will likely be something simple, slapped out in Illustrator if I can muster the gumption. Basic and clean often works better then gaudy and overwrought, anyhow.

Last night, Greek festival! Tonight, Greek festival! Saw Morgan and Dee there last night, and will see them again tonight. Saw Melvin for 2 seconds, and then he disappeared, never to be seen again. Saw random LJ friend, and in the time it took me to try to remember how her name was pronounced so I could say ‘hi’, she’d wandered off. D’oh! Food was good, especially custard whose name I’ve forgotten. I’m normally not too hot on yellow custards, but this was absolutely delightful and I even liked it more then the baklava. Last night I did the “meat on a stick + green beans” thing, tonight I’ll do the “meat + veggies plus tziki in a pita” thing, and it shall be magical. I’ll be getting there at 6 or thereabouts if anyone else wants to hop onto that magic carpet ride as well!

Oh yeah, this is a sweet amount of sea sponges. Oooh yeah!

And speaking of which, I tweet now. Or rather, I got a twitter account about a year ago, and recently got bored and have tried actually using it. I’m still wary of the actual utility of it, as it’s another way to post in AIM away message or a Facebook status update, but as, given my chosen profession, I have a need to stay on top of all these newfangled Internets, I gotta give it a whirl.

Thusly, add me on Twitter and I’ll add you back! I am @ptocheia.

I am currently drinking one of a dying breed. Caffeinated Sparks, how I love you so. We might be down to just a 4-pack now. And when that 4 pack is gone, I shall forever mourn the loss of the delicacy of caffeine +alcohol in one convenient delicious beverage.

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