Illustrative Art Stuffs and Getting One’s Dance On

So here’s something exciting: Forrest’s card game (Furoticon) is now live, and I have art in it! Yay! So this means that I now have two instances of illustrative artwork that is published, neither of which I can put on a resume, especially together. One is art in an erotic furry card game, and the other is art in a book titled “Jesus, Priceless Treasure”.

In other news, I made a super snazzy dance mix CD. It is strategically designed to be played loudly in your car in order to get your booty a-shakin’. While sitting in a car, but pretending that you are actually in a club with light-up floors and John Travolta. In fact, it will cause you to see all of the other drivers around you as actually being John Travolta. Such are the benefits of such a mix CD. Here are the songs, in order (with my way awesome TI-99/4a Winamp skin), on the mix CD:

Mix CD of CD'd Mixness!

I’d love to make extra copies and swap with people if they feel so inclined. I will also accept baked goods in lieu of mix CDs.

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