Wheels and New Toys

First off, here’s a question for anyone who knows more about cars then I do: I have a 2002 Kia Rio, and my spare tire’s rim is busted (along with the tire itself). I recently got new tires put on my car, and I’ve got the nicest of the old ones in my trunk, as the shop told me that I just need to get a new rim, and they can put the old tire on the rim for my new spare. Thing is, I have no idea how one goes about getting a tire rim: a junkyard maybe? I poked around buying rims online, but what I found seems like they’re either a.) Meant for cars far more blinged out then mine will ever be (and priced as such) or b.) sold in sets of four, and I only need one. I just want to get a basic rim! Any suggestions?

In other news, I’ve been spending money lately. First off, I bought a monitor! See, for awhile, I’ve been using this weighty bastard. I actually found it in the trash about three years ago, and it was an excellent upgrade at the time, especially considering it was free. However, at 50 lbs, I was not looking forward to trying to move with it. So, I got this baby. I’m really enjoying having a widescreen monitor, as I am the sort of person who likes to have a large assortment of small windows open that I flip back and forth between constantly. It is also very pretty, takes up much less space on my desk, has built-in speakers so I can get rid of my clunky separate speakers, and weighs 15 lbs. Even better: I checked retailmenot.com and found a $10 off coupon to use when buying it, yay!

I also ordered a netbook, which has not arrived yet. As I am unsure of what the internet situation will be like when we get to Colorado, I wanted to get something that would give me wifi access so I can keep up on email and necessary job search stuff. It’s pretty basic, and I figure that I can upgrade as needed.

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