Update on the state of things

Drew and I ventured over to Manitou Springs today, which is this really neat town on the edge of Pike’s Peak. Much barbecue and chocolate were consumed.

I’m trying to do a fair bit of biking, because a.) The weather is fabulous: sunny, rather warm, and when I sweat it immediately dissipitates, b.) it’s an excellent way to get to know the area, c.) We’re currently located on the edge of suburbia, right beside fields and country with horsies and such and it’s really pretty, d.) the suburbia is a lot more bike-aware then Richmond’s suburbia ever was, and e.) If I continue to eat copious amount of barbecue and chocolate, the biking will be highly necessary to ensure that I don’t have to go spend entirely too much money on new bras. It’s interesting, the suburbia here is so much friendlier then what I’m used to. Mind you, it’s still rather inconvenient if you’re trying to walk to the grocery store, and there is excessive use of strip mall-age. We’re in an area where there’s a lot of newer housing, and it’s nice looking smaller houses. I’m used to seeing either new giant McMansion type buildings, or cheap and crappy new buildings. There’s a lot of nicer looking 2-3 bedroom houses, with interesting architecture and rock gardens and such. Mind you, the architecture might just be related to the fact that I’m used to seeing colonials and whatever else they use all over the Mid-Atlantic, and here everything has more of a western feel. Also, there’s sidewalks! Lots of sidewalks!

Jobwise, there is slight advancement. My resume is being submitted by a recruiter for a position doing web stuff with Barclay Card. It would be working with table-less design (and hand-coding at that, yay) and trying to make all their websites standards-compliant, which I’m decent at, so the job itself sounds interesting. I need to go look at YUI and see if it’s in any way similar to Jquery, and either way I should try to learn some, as they’re interested in having that as well. One downside is that it’s located in Colorado Springs, and I was really stoked about being in Denver. However, I’ve explored next to none of the area, and I’m pretty sure I’d be fine staying in CS for awhile for a decent job. I’m just a sucker for giant cities with nightlife and such. I am also a sucker for mountains and paths that allow me to climb all over said mountains, so either location should work just fine for that.

I will now end this with two excellent pictures of Andrew. The first one shows him gliding majestically up a hillside:


The second shows him being, uh, less majestic:

Brandy and Drew!

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