More random updates from Colorado

Let see, last Friday we managed to hit four Chick-fil-a restaurants. I wore my usual cow blanket plus horns, Drew wore a white plastic bag with holes cut in it and a black shirt underneath, along with some horns. Twas very exciting. They’ve got free breakfast entree Tuesdays going on this month, but the nearest Chick-fil-a is about 25 minutes away, so we’re just not that ambitious in the morning (not yet, at least).

Went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival this past Saturday, it was far more exciting then the piddly one just north of Richmond I went to a few years back. Saw jousting and ate copious amounts of tasty items. Did some hiking at Garden of the Gods yesterday, which is a really neat park full of giant rock formations. Our oxygen levels are still struggling from that whole altitude thing (it’s 6,000+ feet here), but is gradually improving.

And here’s some random photos. Yay field!


Storms out here are really weird. Because of the mountains and lack of lots of trees, you can see much more sky then in VA. Then, because of the altitude, you’re much closer to the clouds then you were before. Thus, you see a storm coming from aways off, and it looks really weird in contrast to the clear and sunny sky beyond it.


These majestic beasts were feeding in a nearby construction site at dusk:

majestic beasts

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