The job hunt continues

So Drew is currently on a plane back to Richmond. He’s got his final exam to take, and then he’s all done with school and has his political science degree. Then both of us can be busy not being able to find jobs, yay!

I actually had an interview last Thursday, a nice long phone interview with two different people in the company. I felt confidant about the interview – I had practically all of the skills they were seeking, and even made a point of dabbling in one thing they were looking for that I didn’t have. Everything seemed peachy with Interviewer #2, but Interviewer #1 flung questions at me about things that weren’t mentioned at all in the job description or by the recruiter. Based on the description, the position was pretty straight up web design stuff (html/css/js), but then I’m getting asked about things like weblogic and struts, neither of which I am familiar with at all. So I’m still fuzzy on what happened, if the job description simply was not as complete as it could be, or if they decided that it would be in their best interest to get someone that had a wider range of skill then what they were initially looking for, or if there was simply some miscommunication. In any case I did not get the job, which is too bad as I had rather enjoyed Interview #2 (it went more like a conversation, and I’d thought I’d gotten a good feeling from the interviewer), and the job (based on the description at least) had sounded interesting and right up my alley. Alas. Someone called me today about another position, don’t know all the details yet so we’ll see.

Drew and I went to Boulder last weekend and there was a random art festival going on, which was interesting and entirely too expensive. The downtown area fell into a similar category. Manitou Springs seems like hippies + tourists, and Boulder is definitely hippies + yuppies. There was a large stream with some decent rapids which we walked along, along with 8237982374 people and their inflated tubes. The rapids looked really fun, and I’d like to go back and go tubing there sometime. We also meandered outside the town on some random path or another into a canyon-type area, and I climbed a giant rock. My thighs were all in a way after that, but in a good way. I like climbing giant rocks. There are random mesas/buttes nearby, and I want to pack a picnic and climb to the top of one and eat it.

Here are more random photos for your eyeballs’ enjoyment.

This is from a nearby construction site, dusk was a good time for pictures there!

reflective action!

Andrew poses beside a mighty cannon.

drew cannon

I’m a cowboy…on a steel horse I ride…and I’m wanted….dead or alive!

me on cannon

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