Free Underwear!

So in the past several weeks, two separate free underwear coupons have arrived from Victoria’s Secret. Well, technically they said “free panty”, but I think “panty” sounds kind of sissy, so I say “underwear”. In any case, I used both today, bringing Drew along to satisfy the “one coupon per customer” requirement. The coupon also included a “$10 off” dealio for some bra line of theirs, but as they do not carry my size, this was a non-issue. So I got a black pair and a weird pastel blue paisley pair. This is because most of their underwear is ugly. I just don’t go in for the faded earth tones and pastels with random teeny patterns thing. So I bolstered the freebies with a pack o’ Hanes from the Wall of Mart, in nice glowing pinks. I appreciate tacky underwear.

Job hunt is still up in the air at this point. I just took a PHP test that I may have passed with flying colors, so hopefully that will get me to the interview step with a company in Denver I’m looking at. We shall see. Drew’s looking around at various banks and various military places to make good use of his newly gotten Poli-sci degree + globs of BofA & Cap1 experience.

Movies! We’ve been watching entirely too many lately, some better then others. If you have a chance (and especially if you enjoy war movies) you need to go see The Hurt Locker, as it is excellent. It was only showing at independent theatres, but recently got picked up by some major theatre chain or another. I need to see if there is a dollar theatre out here someplace, as all of the movies I actually want to see arrived in one glob. At some point, I must see Bruno, District 9, and Ponyo! Albeit, I will generally have movies I want to see that I’ll just eventually see on DVD, or I’ll just forget they existed.

I justed downed an apple strudel. Satisfying and bloaty!

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