Magical Deoderant Plus Bonus Car Question!

First off, I would like to announce that my underarms smell like pina colada. I got a “tropical island” scented deodorant, and it makes me want to drink whenever I smell it.

So I drive a Kia Rio, and it has a 96 hp and a 28.1 LB / HP ratio. While I am not fully sure what these figures mean, I know for a fact that my car was much happier driving around Richmond then it is driving around in the foothills of the Rockies It struggles up hills and it’s often really hard to make it to the speed limit (albeit, the speed limit out here is often 75, but still). I’m thinking that for my next car, I’ll probably want to get something with a better engine. And then Drew and I were trying to figure out fuel efficiency for such things, and Google proved no help. So here’s a question for anyone that knows about cars: would having a car with a higher horsepower give me better fuel efficiency for driving on hills? I’m sure that, if nothing else, it would make going up the hills more pleasant. However, I’m not really sure of the connection between higher horsepower (or a higher ratio, for that matter) and if you use less gas because of that (or more gas, for that matter). Or if the change in gas usage would be negligible. Any advice is appreciated!

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