The best way to remind yourself of all of the things you don’t know is to go job-hunting

Or rather, the best way is to fail at job-hunting. I’ve got quite a long list of things I desperately wish I had time to learn, all things that various recruiters or employers were looking for that I had a little of, but not quite enough. And while this is definitely a motivating factor in learning things (my javascript library knowledge is liberally expanding due to job hunt influence), it can be a demotivating factor in terms of becoming overwhelmed by all of the things you do not yet know. That, and you start to feel that no matter how much you learn, you’ll always just be a little bit short of the amount of knowledge other people want you to have before they’ll hire you. The economic climate only helps this (or hurts this, rather), being that for every job available out there, there exist approximately 892374892374 applicants, many of them who would be overqualified for the job in saner economic times. I do feel bad for those who have recently graduated college, and lack experience, as it must be particularly hard on them. In any case, I am trying to be positive about things, and view the 28372837448923 things I do not know as exciting opportunities to learn.

In other news, I’ve downloaded some CakePHP action. I’m not really sure what I’m getting into yet, but if it is to php what jquery has been to javascript for me, maybe it will help me more efficiently do some things on that I’ve been meaning to get done.

On a final note, I would really like to go swimming with some stingrays. And they would like to go swimming with me as well. No really, they do, just ask them!

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