Ramblings and such

I am downloading some Learn Hindi stuff. Once I have some spare time and spare brain space, I think it would be neat/useful to pick up some Hindi. That, and to get back into picking up the Spanish again. And maybe try to revive the dregs of my forgotten high school French. I would like to be able to plug things into the back of my neck and upload them, for greater efficiency. Then I could also learn Kung Fu.

Job hunt is still going as it has been. I am desperately trying to cram as much Cakephp as possible into my head, which is super fun. I also like cramming as much regular cake as possible into my head. If only I could combine the two.

If you have not seen Up, you should go see it immediately, as it is excellent and will make you cry.

I wish August was not ending, as I have a slight dread of the impending fall/winter. Part of this is because a large number of my warmer clothing is still in Richmond. Part of this is because of the shorter days, and how I desperately crave Vitamin D to be happy. My fear of the cold is balanced by my excitement at actually getting some decent snow for a change out here.

I’ve started using my netbook as a pseudo-kindle. I’ve got bunches of .pdf files on there, and it’s super useful for reading in a car at night. I keep a text file to remember which pages I’m on in which books. It is also super useful for those lonely nights when I desperately want to play 92372034823 versions of scrabble or assorted games involving Tux the Penguin. Good times.

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