Monopoly City Streets: Load Time and Strategy!

I just happened to notice the launch of a new game today, Monopoly City Streets. It’s Monopoly online using Google maps, and will run for four months. So I’m like “Yay! Another online thing to eat my time!” and go try to play. And wait for the page to load. And then I look up a street to buy. And wait for the page to load. And so on. Apparently everyone else had the same idea I did, and decided to all play this game at exactly the same time as me. Eventually I got it to work, buying a few streets, with an almost continual stream of “Our server is down” messages popping up.

In any case, I hope they fix that issue soon, as the game conceptually seems neat. You start off with 3 million, buy roads (I’m trying to buy the subdivision I’m currently living in in Fountain, CO), and then buy buildings, which earn rent with each passing day. Sometimes you get Chance cards, which either give you things to add to opponents’ streets to mess them up (such as a bulldozer) or things to add to your own streets to keep them from getting messed up (such as a park). You can also buy and sell streets with other people. There’s a whole lot of available roads right now, it being the first day and all, but I think it will be interesting to see how the game changes as all of the roads get bought up.

So I’m trying to figure out a decent strategy. So far, I can’t see any reason to buy any building other then the absolute cheapest. It costs $50,000 and gives $25,000 in rent. All of the other buildings give less then half their initial cost in rent, and the cost/rent ratio only gets worse with the more expensive buildings. When all of the roads run out, there would be good reason to upgrade to more expensive buildings (as it’ll be much harder to buy roads at that point), but I’m not sure if there’s any point to getting the more expensive buildings at that point, unless they have additional benefits that I haven’t figured out yet. There are definitely people on there already with far more money then I have any idea how to earn within 24 hours of the game starting, so I’m sure there’s plenty I still need to learn.

I’m also curious to see if alliances sprout up as well, much as they seem to in other online games. There’s the ability to have friend groups (not quite the same as alliances, as you can be bastards to your friends). Incidentally, I’m on there as ptocheia, if anyone wants to come play and be in my friend group!

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