Return to Richmond

So Drew and I got an apartment in Arvada (a town just outside of Denver). This means that we have a place to put all of our stuff, meaning we shall be returning to Richmond to get all out said stuff (along with attending Charlie & Tara’s wedding). We got awesome tickets back (Jetblue, $100 total per person one way), if only the truck ride the other way would be as cheap! Anyhow, we’ll be in Richmond from the evening of the 25th (Friday) to that next Monday morning. As we will be spending the majority of that time either dragging stuff down from our respective parents’ attics and into a truck, and the majority of the rest of that time at a wedding, this doesn’t leave much other time for socialization. So Friday, we’re trying to coordinate getting dinner. The plan currently is to meet people at Elephant Thai around 7:45 – 8:00 or so (our flight gets in at 7:12, hopefully we won’t be late as our poor Mountain Time stomachs will think it’s 9:12 pm by then!). So, if you wanna come hang out with Drew and I and eat delicious Thai food, lemme know! Or, well, show up! Woohoo!

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