Hooray for work!

I’m working on a freelance job right now, building a website for a company that makes routers. I’m getting the opportunity to work with Drupal, which is useful. It’s one of those programs where I wanted an excuse to learn it, but how do you learn something like that unless you have a website idea and a big pile of content? So much easier to let someone else provide the site idea and content (well, plus the dollars). In other news, I would like to own a router. They’re super useful for carving pretty much anything out of pretty much any material, I’d just need to get the engineer plugin for my brain to be able to program and use it.

So the other day I came across a person looking for a sushi apprentice, and I emailed them about it to learn more. The position is located at a sushi bar at a club here, and I will hopefully be going in to talk to the guy about it this coming week. They’re not specifically looking for experience making sushi (just food experience in general), but I provided images of the sushi I’ve made, so hopefully that will give me a boost over the competition. It would only be about 15 hours a week, but it would be at night so it wouldn’t interfere with what I’m trying to do with web stuff (freelance or otherwise) in the day. Also, the club itself looks super-sweet, they get various international groups (Infected Mushroom is playing there the weekend we come back to Richmond!) and even have a Goth Night room one of the nights. So I’m hopeful about that. And, I’d actually get to learn how to make proper sushi!

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