More updates on the following weekend

I am posting this link because I am ridiculous like that.

It’s been cheap/free furniture time lately! We’ve got two desks: paid $20 for one, it’s decent but definitely used. We got a second desk completely free off of Craigslist, it’s a corner desk that all we had to do was disassemble and remove from the couple’s house, it’s nicer then any desk I’ve ever owned! Getting a microwave from someone today for $10. The larger furniture will have to wait until we have a moving truck. Speaking of moving trucks, we’re getting a truck from Budget truck rental for 25% off the regular price: apparently this isn’t exactly a big time of year for people to be moving. Anyhow, due to the distance we’ll be driving it, they require us to have it for a week (and we’re planning on doing the drive from Richmond to Denver in 3 days), so we’ll hold onto it for the extra days and use it to pick up a couch and such from other unsuspecting Craigslist people. Yup.

And if none of the above makes sense, here’s the dirty details: Drew and I are coming back to Richmond the 25th and leaving Monday the 28th with all of our stuff in a truck to go to the apartment in Denver (Arvada, technically) that we will have as of this Monday. Super driving party! And we get to fly on a plane on the 25th as well. I love flying on planes. Too bad it causes me to not hear properly out of my ears for several days afterwards. D’oh!

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