Grocery Stores, Delicious Juices, etc

Safeway is weird. The one in Fountain is all fru-fru, and our first visit there lead us to believe that grocery prices out here were godawfully expensive. But no, it was just that Safeway, as the Walmart down the street had the same prices as places in VA. So we’re up in Arvada now, and after driving in circles for awhile last night looking for a grocery store, we finally came to a Safeway. Looked more like a regular grocery store and less like a magical fru-fru (frou-frou?) money sucking locale. Some of the prices were still, err, pricey, but they were for the most part reasonable. I’m thinking the disparity between the two is because in Fountain, there’s that Safeway, and that’s about it, unless you want to drive several miles away to the Walmart. So they’ve got the market pretty much covered, and make the store look more fru-fru as a thinky veiled justification for charging twice as much. My guess at their tagline is “Safeway: at least we’re cheaper then Whole Foods”.

We’re pretty sure there are other grocery stores around here, thus why the Safeway here has cheaper prices. I want to find the local King Soopers. This is because “King Soopers” sounds like a completely ridiculous name for a grocery store. Also, because they’re apparently owned by Kroger, and so I’m hoping they carry the Kroger Private Selection ice cream.

Also, I have finally been in a Whole Foods. $21.00/lb tuna, eek! Lots of free samples, though. And that aisle with all of the bulk food like Elwood Thompson has is useful. I’m not too keen on going back though: waay too expensive, and waay too much conspicuous consumption. Too bad there’s not a Trader Joe’s out here. I want chocolate granola bars and $1 garlic pizza dough, dangit!

Anyhow, I’m drinking $1 discount kosher grape juice from Safeway. It’s pretty good, might have to go back and get more.

And here’s a desperate question: where does one go to find women’s jeans that *aren’t* narrow in the thigh/knee area but are also lower cut? Lower cut pants fit me so much better then regular cut, but they all seem to be of the skinny jeans and/or stretch and/or boot-cut variety. All I want is a pair of pants that fit me and doesn’t convert my thighs into sausages!

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