Whereupon I complain about grocery stores (again) and ramble about other assorted things

So for the past while now, I’ve done most of my grocery shopping at either Kroger or Walmart, with the occasional side trip to Ukrops. Now, all of these places have the same lid coloring on their milk. 2% milk is always dark blue, and skim milk is light blue. I am now in a situation where I’ll be going to Safeway for the majority of my food needs. The problem is with Safeway’s milk lids. Their 2% milk is light blue and their skim milk is dark blue. This is a cruel joke to play on those of us who grab the carton based almost entirely on the lid color. Skim milk is a sad, sad substitute for 2% milk. This has happened multiple times now, too. Maybe one of these grocery trips I’ll learn. I even considered returning the most recent gallon of milk, but being lazy, I decided to postpone the trip until later in the day. At some point before that time, I impulse ate some cookies, looked in the fridge, and decided that watered down milk was better then no milk. D’oh!

Drew got me to watch the video for Genesis: Land of Confusion, and I now have creepy puppet people hanging out in my head.

I will make bacon sushi soon, and it shall indeed be glorious.

So I decided that Writaur.com needed a pm system. It’s actually pretty easy to put together a messaging system when you have a good tutorial to work off of. Albeit, I could have figured one out without the tutorial, but it probably would have taken at least twice as long. Now I’ve got to figure how to go about sending messages to a set of users without the server deciding that I’m trying to spam people.

On a sad note, I seem to have left my sewing machine in Richmond. Problem is, my parents can’t seem to locate said sewing machine either. I’m going to assume that there’s some Heisenberg Uncertainty mischief going on here.

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