Adventures in unpacking, future adventures in writing, etc.

We are 99% unpacked. This is an achievement, as we didn’t reach that state at the last apartment until about 8 months in. I am super happy with Drew for being rather gung-ho about getting everything out of boxes and onto shelves and such. It also helped that we got a ginormous 7′ x 3′ bookshelf off of the free section of craigslist. It clears the ceiling by about a few inches. I’d love to get rid of the other shelves and just have a second shelf like it, it makes that corner of the apartment feel like a library (possibly because we’re about 84% sure the shelf originally came from some sort of library!). We’ve got partial ghetto apartment going on, as videos are hanging out in shelves made of boxes, but we’re working on that part.

NaNoWriMo is coming up in less then 10 days now, and both Drew and I are gonna do it this time around. I wanted book #1 to be out of the way before book #2 got started on, and I’m just waiting on proof copy #3 (the final one, at least it better be) to come in the mail. Assuming that’s perfect, I can set the book for sale on Createspace and Amazon. Then comes the fun part of figuring out how to market one of these babies.

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