Car goes crunch!

So Drew and I decided to go hiking with a meetup group last weekend. There was potential bad weather, but other people were gonna tough it out and go, so I figured we could as well. So we get there kinda late, and do the hike with a few other people who also got there late. Take lots of pretty pictures, like this one:


And these ominous clouds:

ominous clouds

So we get down from the hike, and slowly make our descent off the mountain. I was driving slow, but apparently 20mph doesn’t cut it in some areas, because I went around a curve, hit a slick patch, and drove into an embankment. Slowly though, so it was a nice fluffy ‘thud’, and as it happened I was dreading the possibility of having to get a tow truck to get my car out of said embankment. Then there was a crunch as the car behind me also hit the slick spot and plowed into my back.

It was a gentle plowing though, no injuries. Well, except to my poor car. It was unfortunate too, as the guy that hit my car was one of the people I’d just been hiking with. And as sad as I was about my rear getting crunched, I felt pretty bad for the guy, as he was feeling awful about hitting me. It was pretty minor though, I could drive home on it (slowly, to keep the back light from flying off).

car crunch

So I’ve got this rental car now, and my car is in the shop for an unknown length of time, all covered by the guy’s insurance. Rear panel needs to get replaced (if I remember correctly), along with the light of course. I’ll miss my companion cube!

In other news, Drew and I are getting up very early Wednesday to go plant ourselves in front of a Chick-fil-a in Fort Collins in the hopes of being one of the first 100 when it opens. Ah, the joys of being underemployed.

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