Chick-fil-a, snow, my car, and other miscellaneousness

For those not in the know, I had an adventure this past week. Drew and I, having entirely too much free time and no money to eat out, decided to camp out in front of a Chick-fil-a to get 52 coupons for free combo meals each. Incidentally, there was a blizzard going on at the time. It was….cold. And sometimes it was fun. I wrote a big ole description about it (plus a few pictures) at my food blog, and I’ve got the rest of the pictures available to view on facebook.

My car is still in the shop. The repair place called me the other day and informed me that it’ll be around $3500 to fix the car. Which is quite possibly more then my car is worth. However, the insurance company should be covering it, so all is good. If they weren’t, I’m pretty sure I would have heard back from them by this point. I’ve not really driven the rental car at all. Part of that is the blizzard, and part of that is that it’s bigger then I’m used to and a bit clunky and currently covered in snow. Well, I can’t really say “clunky” I suppose. It’s clunky in the way that cars covered in doohickeys that are super spacious for larger people are clunky. So really, I’m just used to driving a cheap small car, and feel weird in this nicer large car. I also want more visibility. The Kia’s got me spoiled on that, I just don’t care for super-slanted windshields and rear windows.

Nanowrimo starts in two days. Need plot soon. Going to super exciting Nanowrimo launch party tomorrow.

Also, and this is important, if you dress like a burrito tomorrow, you can get a free burrito from Chipotle. You can just wrap some tin foil around your arm, it totally counts. Guess what I’m planning to eat for dinner tomorrow? And for the next several nights, if all goes well! Mmm, nothing tastes better then free.

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