“Divisible by 365 (minus those pesky leap years)” day, plus random ingestible media

So this is the part where I say goodbye forever to my 20s. Yee-haw. For my birthday, I would like an income and a drivers side rear brake light, please. Oh, and sushi. Mmm sushi.

I’ve recently discovered the joys of a magical manga series about cooking called Oishinbo. I don’t generally get into manga for some reason, but this one is particularly exciting. Probably because it makes me really hungry, the food in it is drawn particularly well. Apparently they made it into an anime back in the 80s, but it was never translated into English. The manga started being published again this year, so maybe enough American types will get into the manga to make it financially viable to translate the anime into English (I’d be happy with either dub or sub).

Watched the Passion of Joan of Arc, which was made back in the late 20’s, complete with intertitles and orchestra for sound. It was really good, and caused me to sit and read the entire Joan of Arc wikipedia entry afterwards. It also caused me to look up the history of breastfeeding. See, I found it interesting that, in the film at one point, there is a closeup of a baby being breastfed, nipple and all. And I’m not too knowledgeable about older movies, but as far as I knew, they didn’t go in for nudity and such back then. So after a cursory glance on the internet, it seems that breastfeeding in public was pretty normal up through the 1940s or so, and then at some point after that it became seen as scandalous or something. It’s generally considered legal to do now, but you can still get harassed by random people and asked to cover up and such. My brief poking encountered a case where someone was asked to leave a theme park for doing it in public, and another commented on the fact that she was breastfeeding in an area where children are present. Which is weird, since as children and all, it wasn’t that long since they themselves were probably breastfed. And if you’re gonna have your kids exposed to nudity, wouldn’t that be a good way to do it? Since the kids are more likely then not already learning via semi-nudity from advertising and media and such that breasts are sexual, it seems good to also include opportunities for your kids to learn that they’re functional?

And speaking of breasts, I’ve been having a fabulous last several months, in that the vast majority of my bras fit. As long as I don’t get glued to the front of this computer for the duration of the winter, I will hopefully continue that trend. It’s kinda useful to be really new to a place and not know much of anyone, well, useful in the lack of Christmas junk food being slogged at me, which I am generally more then happy to eat because it is delicious.

And on a final note, Nanowrimo is going more or less ok. Am at 13126 words right now, need to get to 15,000 by tomorrow night.

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