Ads and Jobs and Books and Such

So I’m distracted on the internet, reading some news article on the ABC website, when I notice an ad for some ponzu lime sauce in a side banner. Now, I got to go to the Pacific Mercantile Market in downtown Denver yesterday (which has the best selection of Japanese products I’ve ever seen, incidentally). And, in order to get there, I had to research where the place was online. And, while there, I saw ponzu sauce and contemplated if it might be good. So now part of my brain is wondering if cookies have logged my interest in Asian groceries, and the paranoid part is wondering if too much time on said internet has lodged cookies in my brain that captured the fact that I was contemplating ponzu sauce the other day. Incidentally, the sauce does look pretty good.

It’s also an ad I don’t mind. Like, in an ideal world, more ads would be like this. They would say ‘hey, this product is pretty good and you might like it’, rather than preying on fears and paranoias. While I’m glad that a lot of the “hey, look at this closeup of stomachs” ads have disappeared, I am rather weirded out by their being replaced with “Hey, look at all these closeups of teeth” ads. And those really weird “Obama wants moms to go to schools ads” (though, at least they’re not repulsive like the teeth ads, for whatever it’s worth). So, I could clear out my cookie cache and be whacked with all these lowest common denominator ads. Or I could leave it in the hopes of more ads for Kikkoman sauces and other things I might actually have an interest in trying. Though, then I’d have to worry about that whole “people who like food probably also like weight loss, lets use this ad to make them feel fat!” Or, you know, I could just use Firefox, and block all the ads. Unfortunately, Chrome is far far faster then Firefox on my computer, the speed is addictive. I still use Firefox as Firebug is indispensable for design, but at some point I became a Chrome convert. In any case, this is also a reason that, on my websites, I only use text ads. I fear the teeth and the bellies and those weird 3d dancing women that Obama desperately wants to get degrees.

In other news, I had an interview two days ago. Spontaneously, I might add. I called, and got to come in the next day. It ranks up there as one of the more bizarre interviews I’ve ever had. I barely talked to the company’s owner, and in fact spent most of the time being interviewed by a guy who’d only worked there one day – who had replied to the same job posting on Craigslist that I had replied to. Definitely a start-up feel to the place, and I’m thinking the owner only recently decided to bring in some in-house web people. It’s in Boulder, so a bit of a drive, and the pay is less then I’d hope for but more then I’d fear. However, one of the advantages of a more chaotic startup environment would be that I’d have more control over my projects and could more directly influence the direction of a company. However, all of this is pretty moot as I have not heard back from them. C’est la guerre.

Now, I’ve got this book where, to get it published, all I need to go is hop over to Createspace and hit a series of buttons. But I’m not letting myself do that until I’ve fixed the storypath system I originally built it on. Everything lives in one database table in disgusting piles of arrays. It’s getting cleaner, though, I’ve got three tables full of neat, clean data, plus three classes where before there were none. I wish I’d been able to wrap my brain about object oriented PHP sooner, really. But there’s a lot of bugs, which I’m slowly hashing out. Stupid bugs. Rewriting gobblydegook is about as bad as scratching the whole thing and starting over, unfortunately. Yup.

And, on a final note, I didn’t touch Nanowrimo yesterday, and haven’t touched it today yet. Mind you, this post already contains over 700 words, so some of it is me being a slacker on the things I should be focusing on. However, there is a write-in at the library tonight, so hopefully that will help. Unfortunately, teeny netbooks are not really designed for speedy typing, but it works.

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