Reason #83727423 Why Society Depresses Me

Here’s an article about a 13 year old girl who committed suicide after having texted a picture of her breasts to some kid, then having it spread all over her school and getting harassed.

And here’s some interesting perspective on it.

This is depressing on numerous levels to me. First, I have to wonder if a similar case of a boy taking a picture of his nuts and forwarding it to someone, and subsequently having it forwarded all over the school, would have been treated nearly as harshly. There’s this strange idea that male nudity is funny and female nudity never is.

Secondly, children learn things by modeling after adults. A huge source of adults to model behavior after is within the media. And, in the media, if you have naked images of yourself forwarded to 892379823 people, you might get your own TV show.

Incidentally, I have a fabulous idea for completely revamping the public education system. I think it’s kinda detrimental for kids to spend a majority of their time around kids of the same age. A variety of ages would provide more opportunities for modeling, as well as help with behavior. Considering that you can take all sorts of college level classes in high school, as well as high school level classes in college, I would love to see a more age-integrated educational system where high school and community college were housed in the same building. Students who were able to advance could do so more easily, and students who needed more help could stay behind, without the pressure of having to stay with your grade. Both adults and students would be in the same classes, which would (in theory, at least) cut down on misbehavior problems. If you’re a rowdy kid taking Math, and your friend’s dad decided to go back for his degree and is sitting two seats away from you, it might make you less likely to act up.

It might also be good modeling for students, seeing adults that are interested in learning and doing work. I realize I grew up with the privilege of seeing my parents read all the time, and seeing my Dad do homework to get his Masters, so I internalized that this was normal and had no problem doing my own homework. I bet a lot of kids don’t get exposed to that. So, by being in a classroom with adults and seeing adults learning the same sorts of things they are and wanting to do it, these kids might have less of a “this crap is being forced down our throats because we’re young” sort of attitude.

Not sure how this would apply to middle-schoolers (which, from my experience at least, is where kids of the same age can be cruelest to each other). Possibly by having adults moving down the hall to their classes while kids went to their own classes would cut down on poor behavior happening in the hallway, if nothing else.

The day would probably need to be structured a bit differently, though. Mostly, those 3-minute breaks in middle school aren’t gonna cut it. There’s probably other problems I haven’t thought of as well.

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