Job stuff, rabid illness, etc.

So here’s the job situation: I have picked up a temporary job working at Liberty Tax to tide me over until I (hopefully) hear back from the Census people (apparently it might be a bit of time, I’m hopeful though as I scored 100% on the test), and that will tide me over until either the freelance web stuff picks up or I can land a more permanent web job. I am moving forward on my current Drupal project, though, went to a meeting last week and checked out some CNC routers. Once that’s done, I’ve got a giant list of side projects to work on portfolio-building until I can land something else.

And, I’m sick. Came down with it yesterday. Might be cold or flu, not really sure. Headache, fever, chills, fatigue, sore throat, occasional cough. And I threw up today. Feels really weird to have things in my stomach. I think that my stomach’s weakening with age. I didn’t use to have stomach queasiness with illness, but lately I’ve gotten that. Also, in the last few years I’ve started experiencing queasy stomach after roller coaster rides. No good at all! Also no good is my period this time around. It’s really awful to have bad cramps while also sick. I’m still playing around with giving myself doses of zinc to help out. I wish zinc didn’t make me nauseas, and I need to drill into my skull that 15 minutes of nausea for a few days is a lot better then days of devastating pain.

Oh, and that avocado contest I entered? I did not win. Well, I did win a cookbook and a t-shirt, both of which should come in the mail at some point, but no dollars. It’s all good, though, I felt like I learned a great deal of Flash, which is something.

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