Whereupon I talk about being aimless and sick some more

Still sick. It’s weird, it started off like a normal cold – slight headache and scratchy throat growing into full blown cold. I had a few days of that, and then I woke up one morning and realized that I felt better. Not all the way better, though, and this is now day two that I feel that same as I did that morning. I’ve got my full-blown appetite again, no sore throat, but I’m stuck with a light stuffy nose, phlegm, and a headache that just won’t leave me. Not enough to really call it “sick” anymore, but just enough to be annoying. I’ve had this sort of thing last for a week or more in the past, and I’d rather not have that happen this time around. Now that I’ve added a blue-collar job to my repertoire, we’ll see how that effects the sickness. I’ve got a 4 hour shift with Liberty tomorrow, and I’m hoping (quite illogically, I’m sure) that with that long stretch of aerobic activity, the pseudo-sickness will realize that it has no place in my body any longer and will leave it for good.

Incidentally, I’m alone for the weekend. Had some plans for the whole V-day thing with Drew, involving going to some Cajun place whereupon I would gorge on shrimp, along with me making him something chocolatey and delicious. Alas, Drew has flown back to Richmond for Neil’s funeral, and shalnt return until Monday night. Being as I am poor and work Sunday, I stayed here. Estha needs company anyhow, and she entertains me nonstop with her pooping antics. I will spend a romantic Valentine’s day with her, playing with strings and pretending that when she meows, it’s because she’s telling me she loves me, not because her food bowl is almost empty. She doesn’t bother to finish the food first, she must preemptively let me know that she will need more food in the near future, and then she finishes it. Her definition of “empty” is when she can actually see the bottom of the bowl, even if the bowl’s edges are still crowded with food.

I’ve got entirely too many things to do but still managed to waste away my Saturday. I finally beat Airport Mania, and spent some time on i-sketch.net. Pictionary is a magical thing. Tomorrow will also be spent romantically wrangling some data into an attractive PDF layout. I found a class that lets me do it in PHP, it just looks to be a bit of a pain from my current standpoint. But, it must be done.

In other news, I like dance music. Good, high quality wiggly-waggly dance music. I must find more to help the days ooze by like buttah.

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