Two Simple Tips For Looking Young

So I think anti-aging products are more or less B.S.. They don’t make you look any younger, they make you look like someone who spent entirely too much money on lotion with added snake-oil. There’s also the fact that products purporting to make you look more youthful don’t actually have that as their goal. Instead, they’re simply pushing you to look more airbrushed.

One of the side effects of weight loss is slightly flappier skin (well, or seriously flappier skin if you’re dropping 200lbs). This works in reverse – you can smooth out wrinkles by adding on some weight, thus why larger people often have less fine lines on their face then their thinner counterparts. Also, another way people will totally mistake you for being younger then you are is how you dress. Give yourself a high ponytail, some glitter on your face, and a Twilight shirt, and you’ll instantly shave away 10 years.

To summarize, here’s how to always appear younger then you are:

1.) Gain weight.
2.) Dress like you just started college.

Or, if you have the sort of “age-defiance” that way too many “beauty” products are pushing these days, *save yourself some money and buy Photoshop instead.

*Well, if you bought the newest Photoshop, you’d be dropping over $600, but your money would be much better spent at least.

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