Procrastination Station!

I’ve been wanting to go on a bike ride for awhile, but I keep finding reasons to not do it! I want to paint too, but I keep getting distracted! As soon as I start working again, I’ll suddenly *really* want to do both of these things. But as of right now, when I’ve got time stretching out empty in front of me, I’m all like “I’m gonna play on the internet and read instead!” I’ve been reading 2-3 books a week though, which is better then my previous hobby of “I’m gonna play video games all day!” Oh, silly free time.

8 days until Salami Day. Gotta figure out something for that. Either buy a couple tubes, and Drew & I can have a salami extravaganza, or find people that want to go out and get salami with us. Or find people who want to have a home salami celebration. I’ll get Drew to bug people at his work.

Got a fabulous pair of late-90s sorta wide leg pants from the thrift store recently, haven’t figured out if I’m gonna sew stuff to them or wear as-is. Finished sewing my ill-fitting bright blue Hostel Loki shirt, it is now a better fitting bright pink and blue shirt. Should take pictures and post them at some point. My vinyl corset’s zipper pooped out on me, got a new zipper to replace it only to realize that a.) vinyl against fabric puckers awfully and b.) I didn’t get the sort of zipper that separates at the bottom. So, need to go back to Hancock and get a new zipper, then figure out how to sew it right. If I’m feeling really ambitious, maybe I’ll do some hand-sewing. We shall seee.

I really want to sew me a petticoat. Or a tu-tu. I’ve never owned either, and that could be fun both as club clothing as well as to wear under skirts to make them floofier. I *think* they’re supposed to be easy to sew, and I’ve got a giant pile of old netting just begging for me to try it out. Skirts are usually the things least likely to get screwy for me. I’ve more or less accepted that 1/2 of all things I sew end up like crap, but the odds are a bit more in my favor for skirts.

I was going to buy a pair of shoes from JC Penney with a $10 off $25 coupon, but we played Axis & Allies for 2837489374 hours on Saturday and ended up not finishing until the mall closed, and the coupon expired that day. D’oh! What’s unfortunate is that I played America in a game where America can’t even attack anyone until the end of their 3rd round. And in a game where each round takes about 2 hours, the wait gets quite tedious, especially as this game day was held at a location that didn’t allow you to bring in any food or drink, and only sold candy bars and chips in the vending machines. Not even pretzels or granola bars! My teeth were already melting from the 24oz Dr. Pepper I had, they didn’t need any more melting! I did also play China, but they were teeny. Apparently I need to try playing one of the several 2 person A&A games Drew has, might be more satisfying.

I really need to buy a coat. My current one has tears and stains, no good at all. What I want is a fabulous London Fog trenchcoat from Macy’s, I’ve just got to fork over the $100 for it. I also want an awesome rice cooker, of the sort that you can also use to slow cook things, one that keeps your rice fresh infinitely long. Which also looks to be around $100. You know, while I’ve got this really great non-existent income flow right now, all of the sudden I want to blow my slowly dwindling savings. Oh wait, I do have some income! A few people bought Salami Day t-shirts. Not enough for me to get a check yet, but it’s progress. Google Ads have seriously slowed, which is too bad.

Anyhow, I should make myself go bike ridin’. Or Reich Biden. Toodles!

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