Adventures in Zombieland

So earlier today, Alysia and I ventured forth as zombies to the Denver Zombie Crawl. This is my 4th of this sort of event – the first three I did back in 2005, 2006, and 2007 in Richmond. Kinda pooped out on them for a bit, I suppose, thus the 2 year gap. It’s bizarre to see how these things have evolved. The first year I’m not even sure there were 100 people, and we walked Carytown as an alternate to the original planned mall, after hearing that law enforcement there might not be too happy with us showing up at said mall and would act accordingly. Big contrast to now, where it seems like these zombie events more often then not take donations of some sort of a charity.

Anyhow, the Denver Zombie Crawl was huge. They were going for a world’s record, and there were zombies by the thousands out. I had no clue that the gathering would be this big. Great for people watching, though! I did a sort of resurrected person from the 80’s theme, and while my costume wasn’t nearly as stunning as some of the other stuff there, I was pleased, especially compared to other costumes which seemed to have a perfunctory blood smear on the face and that was it. I also paid specific attention to my face, as it is rather important to appear that you’ve been feasting on corpses at some point recently if you’re to be a convincing zombie. Once I get ahold of a picture, I’ll post it.

One upside to the smaller zombie walks/crawls is that they bring out the more dedicated zombie impersonators. At the Denver event, there were waaaay too many people breaking character! This also tended to correlate with how good or bad of a job they did at zombifying themselves up. I for one am a big fan of moaning at cameras! So we do 1/2 the crawl, then step into a bar for a drink + appetizer. When we go in, we’re one of a few zombies there and the place is a little under 1/2 full. When we leave, the place is packed, mostly with zombies. After that, apparently still being hungry, we got ice cream cones, and thusly got photographed by someone while eating said ice cream cones. Admittedly, I mostly got ice cream for the joy of being undead and licking an ice cream cone, but lucky for me it was rather tasty ice cream (pumpkin pie flavored, yay!).

And here’s where this zombie crawl became awesome. Unlike the Richmond ones I’ve done, the zombies lingered. They were everywhere, all over 16th street. Chasing and shooting each other (there were zombie hunters there, along with “targets” (people who wore Xs who wanted to be attacked). And lots of photo-taking. I felt like I was at an anime con for the undead, it was pretty sweet. And how I longed for a boom box so I could play “Thriller.” Next year, that seems pretty much like a necessity.

Remnants of the zombie crawl shall cling to me for awhile, this is because I am really bad at removing eye makeup. I know there’s probably cream or something to help me with that? I’m not really sure, since I don’t wear makeup very much. In any case, soap and water has done about as much as it’s gonna, and I’m just stuck having a case of the ole spooky-eyes for the next several days. I’ll probably finally get it all off around the time Halloween rolls around, whereupon I will dress like a raccoon and apply the eye makeup all over again.

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